NI’s surreal crisis

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Election Day:

Power-sharing in the balance as Northern Ireland heads to polls


Politicians in Northern Ireland are gearing up for an Assembly election on March 2nd, a mere eight months after the previous one. The campaign, which is likely to see a return to partisan divisions, was made more probable following the resignation of Sinn Fein’s veteran Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, and has been brought to the boil – sorry – primarily over the handling of a controversial green energy scheme.

Meanwhile, while Belfast has no sitting Assembly, the British Supreme Court ruled that devolved administrations had no right to be directly consulted over the London government’s plans for Brexit.

Latest developments:

See the parties’ election broadcasts at the BBC here (scroll down to 2017).

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Two good big-picture reads today:

In Westminster today…


How Monday’s day of drama played on local front pages:

The resignation meant the First Minister, the DUP’s Arlene Foster – who had resisted stepping aside while an inquiry into the scheme took place – was also automatically  “resigned” from her post in the power-sharing executive.

What happens next?

Basically, if SF does not nominate a DFM by 5pm next Monday, the Assembly will cease to exist and it will fall to the Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire to set a date for an election, with wide-ranging implications not just for the province, but for the British government’s plans on Brexit. It will be an interesting few days, weeks and, likely, months.

Read this thread for a quick overview.

RHI timeline from the BBC.

Stay tuned. There’s more to come.

Tues 10th Jan

Alex Kane writes in the News Letter that the DUP leader “should step aside for good.”

In 30 or so years of observing and writing about the DUP I don’t think I have seen them make such a calamitous dog’s dinner of a problem as they have of the RHI saga.


And in case you were wondering, this isn’t the First Minister.


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