Welcome to The Overnight Note

The name comes from something I’ve spent pretty much my whole life in journalism doing – handing over from one newsdesk shift to another with a rundown of some of the day’s stories that the incoming team might find interesting, or open up a bit of discussion on what we know about a story and how it might be covered going forward.

Social media obviously makes it a lot easier to monitor what’s happening today than when I started on Fleet Street 25 years ago, when we’d watch the PA wire for our competitors’ scoops and then go through hard copies of the first editions to see if we’d missed anything (or whether we were over- or under-playing a story everyone else had).

Social media, though, also makes ever more demands on our time and for that reason this digest will be more skimmable than exhaustive; a selection of items that paints part of a picture of the day.

A few years ago, I helped the folks at Sawhorse Media start a morning tip sheet called The Muck Rack Daily – part ICYMI, part social media steer – which has really expanded and gone from strength to strength since then. I had a lot of fun doing it and hopefully this will be just as enjoyable.

Long form, or 140 characters? Video or text? The one constant, regardless, is that people love being shown a good story, or a clever take on a story they may have already heard.

I’ve always been fascinated by how storytellers gather and distribute information, and how audiences receive and make sense of it; so maybe as well as a look at some of the stories of the day, this blog will help me organize some thoughts on that ever-evolving process.

The plan was to start up on Jan 1st, but this way I get to incorporate some of the usual year-in-review stories for one of the most eventful years in the news business for a long while. 2015 will be nothing less.

Enjoy and thanks for reading.

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