Europe’s migrant crisis continues to worsen

“Never before in history have so many people fled their homes to escape war, violence and persecution,” German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said. “And given the large number of unresolved conflicts in our neighborhood, the stream of refugees seeking protection in Europe will not abate in the foreseeable future.”

Thursday was – yet another – very bad day for anyone trying to start a new life.

Even as EU leaders opened another summit in Vienna to discuss the worsening situation in the western Balkans that is having an impact across the continent, Alastair McDonald at Reuters explains how Europe’s failures may be prompting a new way forward.

The failure is evident. Of millions fleeing war, oppression and misery, hundreds of thousands have been desperate enough to brave the sea to reach Europe; thousands have died but their numbers still multiply despite a mostly stony welcome: razor wire, hunger, filth and hosts more intent on blaming each other than on their common duty to help.

That may be changing, although far from certainly and all too slowly for those cradling sick infants in open boats or fighting for air in a Balkan smuggler’s truck.

A reporter and photographer from the New York Times are documenting migrants’ efforts to reach Hungary.

Meanwhile there was some bad news for Britain’s Conservative government in new data showing net migration at a record high.

migrantsmail(Tomorrow’s Papers Today)



Police in the Chilean capital Santiago tackled separate protests on Thursday – by students over university funding and by truck drivers over protection on southern roads.

Which democratic society allows whoever happens to be temporarily in charge to appoint his friends as legislators? That would be Britain, the mother of parliaments.

Amid continuing sadness and anger over yesterday’s tragic on-air murder of two journalists in Virginia, there was renewed focus on gun control – or the lack thereof – as well as debate among the media about coverage of such an incident when social media is part of the killer’s strategy.

(BBC Newsnight)



President Obama delivered a speech in New Orleans to mark the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

This was kind of a cheeky photo for the White House to release, though…

Former President Bush, who was in office – and in Air Force One – during the tragedy, will be visiting Gulfport, Mississippi on Friday. Although at least one Democrat thinks Bush “got it right” on disaster response.


What’s the first word comes to mind when you think of Hillary Clinton?

Here’s the full list for the Democratic front-runner.



The Shepherd’s Crown, the final book by British fantasy writer Sir Terry Pratchett was posthumously released on Thursday. The Discworld creator died in March.



Usain Bolt again beat Justin Gatlin at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing, this time in the 200 meters final.

Seems like the only thing that can bring him down these days is a cameraman on a Segway.




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