‘Going to sea in a sieve…’

Thursday could be a hugely significant day for domestic politics in the UK.

In Northern Ireland, the local Assembly is in danger of being suspended amid a political crisis sparked by the murder last month of a former member of the Provisional IRA.

But, thank goodness, rational heads appear to be prevailing…

Meanwhile, voting ends on Thursday in the election for the next leader of the Labour Party, with Jeremy Corbyn leading in all recent polls. But nothing, apparently, is a done deal until the results are announced at lunchtime on Saturday.

Taylor Parkes writes in The Last House on the Left:

The fact is, unless a lot of things change deeply and most unexpectedly over the next four years, Jeremy Corbyn is not going to win a general election. This is not to suggest that there’s some kind of objective, immovable “centre ground”, nor that if there were, it would be occupied by the Labour Right – still less the modern Conservative Party. In truth, Corbyn’s domestic policies are not very extreme, and would in many cases prove quite popular. Yes, they’re “radical” in the sense that there’s a chasmal distance out to there from where we are today, but really, Corbynism is just about hauling Britain back towards the social-democratic Centre. There will be no pogroms, no fifteen-hour queues for stale bread. This is not the problem.

and, tying today’s two stories together…



Things continue to get worse for Brazil.



The man who ran against Sepp Blatter in FIFA’s last election for the presidency is to stand again.



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