Did marathon Benghazi session backfire on GOP?

After 11 hours of testimony to the Congressional committee on Benghazi, the consensus view seemed to be that Hillary Clinton’s composed performance put her in a stronger position in her quest for the Democratic Presidential nomination and, subsequently, the Presidency.

Democrats on the committee – who were later reportedly considering resigning – bolstered the former Secretary of State by repeatedly attacking the partisanship of the hearing.

Ben Geier writes at Fortune:

Regardless of the intentions, though, the hearings may actually end up being a good thing for Clinton’s presidential campaign and could even improve how Americans perceive her as a leader.

First, any potential voters who who believe that Clinton is personally responsible for the death of Ambassador Chris Stevens aren’t going to be voting for her anyway. They just aren’t. And it seems unlikely that anyone’s mind is going to be changed by these hearings. And then there’s the argument that “independent voters,” the kind who may be swayed by Clinton’s testimony, are largely a myth, as party affiliation is usually the deciding factor when people choose which candidates to vote for. So no one is sitting at home, watching Clinton’s testimony on C-SPAN and deciding that they won’t support her candidacy because she acted poorly in Benghazi.



And Hillary’s path to the nomination also seemed to ease further (sort of) with talk that Lincoln Chafee is about to withdraw.

Meanwhile, Rep Paul Ryan appears to have secured the “unity” he requested among Republicans in order to run for Speaker of the House.

In Iraq, a US serviceman was killed during a raid which freed some 70 hostages of ISIS. He was the first American killed by hostile fire in the country since 2011.

David Cameron took China‘s leader to the pub. Xi Jinping goes to Manchester on Friday as his state visit wraps up.

There was a shooting at Tennessee State University in Nashville.

And what looks to be a terrible road accident in France.

Mexico is braced for landfall of the “potentially catastrophic” Hurricane Patricia.







And at the other end of the spectrum, as it were…





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