The fault…lies not in our stars, but in ourselves

Twitter managed to upset the Twitterati by springing a “hearts for stars” switcheroo.

It wasn’t universally loved.



Britain’s home secretary Theresa May is set to spell out the details of the Investigatory Powers Bill – the so-called “Snooper’s Charter”- covering the limits of online surveillance.


In the US election outlook, more polling that’s pretty meaningless this far out…

Having said that, though, folks certainly seem to be interested.

And even more folks might get a say.

News of an historic meeting set for the weekend.



And talking of emissions… VW shares are off sharply in wake of the latest news







If it’s Wednesday, it must be another investigation of a sporting official.

A good night for the Manchester clubs in the Champions League, with City qualifying for the knockout stages after winning 3-1 at Sevilla, and Wayne Rooney ending the red half’s recent drought, scoring the only goal against CSKA Moscow to take United top of their group.

A city united? Ah, baseball…

Former England cricket captain and MCC chairman Tom Graveney died aged 88.


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