Peake excitement

British astronaut Tim Peake blasted off on Tuesday morning from Kazakhstan on a six-month European Space Agency mission to the International Space Station. He’ll be the first Briton to visit the station and the country is just beside itself, in a very British way.

and, never one to miss a marketing trick…

And as always, the Daily Mash gets to the crux…

“Man says ‘f**k you’ to careers advisor who claimed ‘astronaut’ not a proper job”



A BBC reporter’s flight over the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea made for some dramatic footage, and revealed the extent of Australian surveillance flights in the area surrounding China’s artificially-created island airstrips.

On the eve of tonight’s CNN Republican debate, a Monmouth poll shows Donald Trump with his biggest lead yet over the rest of the field, and breaking 40 per cent for the first time (even if a week ago, he wasn’t sure what a “monmouth” was…)




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