‘The shouting drowns out the quiet. Yet…’

Evil is everywhere, and anger and hatred are loud. The shouting drowns out the quiet; tragedy and disaster block the view of the good. Yet there are always signs of progress toward a better future. Look, or you may miss them.

The New York Times editorial board: Moments of Grace in a Grim Year

It’s been quite a year. Even if we’re not totally sure about what’s round the corner, there are plenty of us who will be happy to see 2015 disappear in the rear-view mirror.

And nature gave us quite a way to end it.

Here’s the FT‘s Year in Numbers.

Here’s what America talked about on Twitter this year, dear God…

yearinnews  (via Ian Bremmer)

Here’s the Year in Front Pages via Poynter

Here are CNN‘s Top Ten Media Stories of the Year

Here’s The Economist‘s Year in Obituaries.

Looking ahead…

of course, there’ll be way too much more of this…. (and you can follow along here)

Amid the fear and uncertainty, though, there is that “yet” the New York Times talks about.

The idea that we hold onto a vision of a better world and try – as best we are able – to make it real through our own lives.

“If I can’t change the world, I’ll change the world within my reach…”

The Note wishes you all a happy and peaceful 2016.





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