In tennis racket, who gets the shaft?

As the Australian Open gets under way, an investigation by BuzzFeed and the BBC has raised allegations of match-fixing at high levels in world tennis.

The methodology of the story is here:

And while there have been plenty of puns to go around, this might be the best:



Britain’s parliament will on Monday debate the unprecedented step of banning a candidate for President of the United States from entering the country.

Last night’s “hidden” Democratic debate in Charleston, meanwhile, was the last scheduled until February 11th, after primary contests in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

In Britain, and talking of immigration, as we likely will be after the Trump debate, David Cameron’s latest idea has sparked plenty of reaction..

And the principle behind the idea might not come as welcome news to a lot of Britons who retired to warmer climes.



After last months’ success, a not-so-perfect landing last night for SpaceX.

Meanwhile, turbulence in the markets continues.



Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day.


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