Palin endorsement sets scene for final Iowa squirmish

The GOP primary campaign continued its metamorphosis into full-blown reality show as former Alaska Governor and 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump at a rally in Ames, Iowa. The state casts the first votes in the parties’  nominating contests on February 1st.

During an enthusiastic, yet rambling speech that observers variously described as “post-apocalyptic poetry” or “cut-up Dadaist text” Trump occasionally looked uncomfortable as Tea Party favorite Palin rallied Conservatives with a string of right-wing buzzwords, as well as some words she appeared to have made up herself.

Good try, Reince…

“as other guests’ jaws dropped..”


Seriously, though…

It will be interesting to see in the remaining days until Iowa whether Trump’s main challenger Ted Cruz will be able to counter Palin’s “star power” with a more effective ground game. 

Cruz meanwhile, is fundraising off comments by Iowa’s GOP Gov Terry Branstad.

and apparently is set to pick up an endorsement of his own..

Finally, and very sadly,




Amid slowing growth in China, depressed oil prices and volatile markets, the World Economic Forum is preparing to open its annual gathering in Davos.


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