EU and Turkey confident of breakthrough on refugee crisis

Update 12.48am, London

A tentative agreement between the EU and Turkey could change the continent’s approach to refugees and migrants coming across the Aegean Sea to Greece from Turkey. Initially after a day of discussion, there had been a stalemate on a possible deal at the emergency summit in Brussels.

Leaders now say they aim to have a framework deal in place before they next meet in ten days. This would involve the return of all migrants to Turkey, while the EU would provide more funding for Ankara and examine the resettlement of genuine asylum-seekers.

European Council President Donald Tusk said “the days of irregular migration to Europe are over”.

Earlier: EU-Turkey stalemate over refugee crisis

At an emergency summit in Brussels on Monday, EU leaders failed to agree a deal with the Turkish government aimed at alleviating the worsening refugee crisis across the continent.

As well as a financial incentive, it seems there’s also a broader political agenda.




Tuesday is International Womens’ Day.

In the US presidential primary, pressure appears to be growing on Florida Senator Marco Rubio ahead of the GOP contest in his home state on March 15th.

And it looks like there isn’t going to be another billionaire in the race after all..



Fallout continues from Monday’s Maria Sharapova revelation.



Finally, follow of the day is @Shit_Pitches


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