Brazil’s government in chaos over appointment of former leader

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is under renewed pressure tonight after her plan to appoint former President Inacio Lula da Silva to her government fell apart amid protests over alleged corruption.

CNN reported that Lula’s swearing-in ceremony..

..took place a day after mass protests calling on Rousseff to resign, following another judge’s release of an explosive secretly recorded phone conversation between her andLula da Silva on Wednesday.

Rousseff’s opponents said the call lends support to their allegation that the former president’s appointment to the Cabinet post is to help give him greater legal immunity from federal prosecutors, handing him a trump card against investigators.

Rousseff denied the accusation, saying there is an innocent explanation for the conversation.



EU leaders met in Brussels on Thursday to seal a deal to put to Turkey on Friday over treatment of migrants coming to Europe. But some sticking points remain.

Meanwhile, in North Korea..





BBC presenter Cliff Michelmore, who was on television before most of the people who are currently on television were born, sadly died aged 96. For those of us of a certain age, he was the unflappable, trustworthy voice of the BBC – and by implication, the nation – in the same way Walter Cronkite was for an American audience.

This was one of my favorites, simply because it was never, ever done…



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