Blow for workers at Welsh steel plant

Developing: 10pm London: There are fears tonight for thousands of jobs at the Port Talbot steelworks in Wales and in the surrounding area after Indian owners Tata ruled out a rescue package and cash injection for the plant, which is losing an estimated million pounds each day.

There was speculation that the British government could step in and nationalise the plant, but its future seems likely to remain in doubt for the immediate future.

BBC Analysis: Britain’s steel industry – what’s gone wrong?

The Times got the story on their front…


Earlier: Officials try to laugh off hijacking; passengers beg to differ

An apparently armed man hijacked an Egyptair Airbus and forced it to land at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. He subsequently surrendered after releasing the passengers and crew.

The suspected hijacker was said to want a letter delivered to his ex-wife. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said: “He is not a terrorist, he’s an idiot.”

As more details about his motive appeared to emerge, hilarity – eventually – ensued. So that’s, er, all right then…?



Donald Trump’s campaign manager was charged with battery after allegedly grabbing a reporter at an event in Florida earlier this month. The candidate said that Corey Lewandowski was innocent.

Trump himself is set to appear on a GOP Town Hall tonight on CNN.




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