Coastal cities may be ‘unsavable’

We all knew we were probably screwed. And we all knew it was going to be our fault. We just didn’t think it might happen so quickly.

As Tina Nguyen writes at Vanity Fair:

A new study published in Nature indicates that the West Antarctic ice sheet is falling apart at a rate faster than expected. A slow-moving environmental catastrophe that was once predicted to take thousands of years may now occur within decades, according to the new projections. And that forecast is based on just the one ice sheet melting. Add in the sea level rise from other regions experiencing melting glaciers, and the Earth is looking at as much as five or six feet of higher oceans, the researchers said. After 2100, the sea could rise at a rate of one foot per decade by the middle of the 22nd century, drowning dozens of major cities—New York, Miami, New Orleans, London, and Shanghai, included—as well as virtually every coastline around the world.



At least twenty people were killed and around a hundred hurt, with many understood to be still trapped among the wreckage, after a flyover apparently under construction collapsed in the Indian city of Kolkata. Rescuers are working through the night to recover the injured.

In the US, Donald Trump met with leaders of the Republican National Committee.

The latest projections by Prof Larry Sabato show a convincing victory for the Democrats if Hillary Clinton and Trump are their party’s nominees.

But still..

And really, could any media-related April’s Fools pranks this year be any less credible than real life…? Oh, wait…





England will play the West Indies in Sunday’s T20 World Cup final after the Windies stunned hosts India in a thrilling semi-final. The victory set up a double for the West Indies, whose women will play Australia in their own final.



World-renowned architect Zaha Hadid died, aged 65.

And finally, it’s goodnight from him.





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