Anti-Trump pact – desperate measures?

As primary voters prepare for tomorrow’s five northeastern contests, which GOP frontrunner Donald Trump appears set to dominate, the campaigns of Ted Cruz and John Kasich announced that they would be co-operating in subsequent states in a bid to prevent Trump from sealing the required 1,237 delegates ahead of the Cleveland convention.

The pact is focused on the Indiana primary on May 3, with its 57 winner-take-all delegates. Early voting in the state, however, may already prove significant.

Trump, predictably, called the agreement “collusion” and it’s possible that any image of the system being “rigged” could play into his narrative of unfairness.

So is it too little too late, an act of obvious desperation, or could it succeed in making the Convention even more chaotic than it already looks?

One thing’s sure, though, tomorrow’s outcomes just became even more important.

A new Hillary Clinton ad, meanwhile, continued her pivot to the general election with an attack on Trump.



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