Clinton’s horse tiring down the Kentucky stretch?

Voting is under way in the Democratic primary in Kentucky with Hillary Clinton fighting to “avoid another show  of weakness” as the focus increasingly turns to the general election with Clinton maintaining her delegate lead, according to the New York Times. To Clinton’s advantage, Kentucky is a closed primary. Her opponent Bernie Sanders generally performs better in open primaries and caucuses.

Both parties also vote in the state of Oregon today (it’s a mail-in primary and voting has already been open for 16 days).

Joseph Gerth wrote recently at the Louisville Courier-Journal:

There is no doubt that there is significant appetite for [Bernie] Sanders’ brand of democratic socialism, especially in the state’s liberal strongholds like Louisville and Lexington where some Democrats have grown weary of Democratic politicians moving to the right in order to not alienate more conservative independent voters.

But Clinton’s problems also lie elsewhere in the state, particularly the coalfields where Obama performed so poorly and where Republicans have blamed him for conducting a “war on coal,” while conveniently forgetting the market and geological forces that have made it so expensive to dig up carbon in Kentucky.

Meanwhile, a new national poll shows Mrs Clinton holding a slim national lead over presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Plus ca change..


Finally, in a year where campaign trail slip-ups seem to carry less weight than usual it will be interesting to see if this has any impact in Virginia’s 8th congressional district…



One shake-up could be in the offing at the BBC…

while another already is..

Finally, well, er, yeah…



Manchester United host Bournemouth tonight in the final game of the Premier League season, which was postponed on Saturday after the dummy bomb scare fiasco. United will finish fourth and qualify for the Champions League if they can win 19-0.

and to keep things in perspective a little…





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