NY AG says Trump U was ‘straight up fraud’

Some bumps in the Trump road today as the RNC’s head of Hispanic outreach walks away, while the legal furore over Trump University ramps up still further. But while many of his supporters might not care, maybe the one he’ll be most upset over – the PGA is moving a tournament from Trump’s Doral resort to Mexico.

But it seems there are still some endorsements that can do more harm than good..

Likewise, on the other side, with friends like these..

Meanwhile, just as Trump and Hillary Clinton would apparently be the most disliked nominees in history, a new poll shows they’re also pretty much not believed…



After yesterday’s travel warning,

And, in a potentially electrifying story..





Always happy to see a new print venture have a go…

but maybe it’s a bit close to this?

But for those of us left pondering the future of journalism while waiting for the right thing to come along, there’s this…

Seriously, though, it’s a short step from food to pictures (of food)…



Golden State and Cleveland reprise last year’s contest and go at again in Game 1 of the NBA finals tonight.



Thirty years ago today, C-Span first broadcast the Senate live…

Finally, this is very cool indeed, both in the reading and the presentation…



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