Two Presidents set to join mourning in Dallas

President Obama will be joined by Vice-President Biden and former President George W Bush in Dallas on Tuesday to console the families of the police officers killed in the sniper attack last Thursday night.

Follow coverage at the Dallas Morning News here



Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are finally set to appear together at a rally in New Hampshire.

Meanwhile on the GOP side, the likely confusion surrounding the binding of delegates at the convention in Cleveland next week took another turn.

And there’s yet more “post-factuality”…

And in the Senate races, a familiar face is back.. (too bad, other guy who now has to drop out..)

Elsewhere in the world…

But of course we should never forget the really important stuff…




And as for TV itself…

And “when to stop” is usually just before that last thing you did, whatever that was…



Oh yeah, it’s that day. Whatever.



The 2016 MLB All-Star Game takes place Tuesday night in San Diego.

(Follow my former colleague Peter Chapman as he tweets the 1966 World Cup as it happened… and read his new book Out of Time, about the end of “old-fashioned” Britain.)

And finally…


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