Crucial weekend for troubled Trump campaign

After probably his worst two weeks since joining the Presidential race more than a year ago, Donald Trump’s campaign will meet with the RNC to discuss rebooting strategy for the Republican candidate as the election heads into its final months.

Both sides described the meeting as “routine” and Trump himself is not expected to attend.

But the move comes after a series of setbacks – from the Khan family row to the “second amendment” furore – that have seen Trump falling in key polls and senior Republicans running for the lifeboats. Former RNC staffers and others are now calling on the party to stop funding its candidate “given the catastrophic impact that Donald Trump’s losing presidential campaign will have on down-ballot Senate and House races.”

And Time’s cover isn’t any kinder…




The Appeals Court in London overturned a ruling against the Labour Party’s ability to set its own rules over who can vote in its upcoming leadership election.

In court action elsewhere…

In ancient days, this may have been interpreted as presaging the end times… oh, wait.





Fiji won its first-ever Olympic medal last night, crushing team GB to win the Rugby 7s.

The Premier League season gets under way this weekend..

Finally, congratulations to Belfast’s own World Champion, Carl Frampton, being honored with a homecoming party at the City Hall today.






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