Trump, Clinton prepare for first head-to-head debate

It is set to be the most-watched political debate ever. In a campaign that has been genuinely unprecedented, it’s fair to say literally anything could happen.

Apart from huge network ratings, like the rest of the Trump coverage this year, so, yeah, there’s that…

Strangely, there seems to be considerable doubt about whether the moderator should actually call the candidates out when they say something provably untrue, or whether that’s the responsibility of their opponent. The fact that that is even a question shows you how low the bar seems to be.

Check back later for more coverage…

But first…



Meanwhile, the man they want to replace was opening the new landmark African-Museum in Washington. It is sold out for much of the time the nation’s first Black president has left in office.


In Britain, the Labour party conference gets down to business.







The joy and sadness of golf…


Finally, another death. This time a tragic loss of a sportsman at the beginning of his career, yet already talked of as the future of the game. That such a remarkable life would end this way is heartbreaking.




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