Peres laid to rest amid massive security

The funeral of former Israeli leader Shimon Peres is under way in Jerusalem this morning amid “unprecedented” security surrounding visiting world leaders.



Transportation investigators are piecing together the facts behind yesterday’s rush-hour crash of a New Jersey Transit commuter train at Hoboken terminal. One woman was killed and more than a hundred people injured.


In the US presidential election, the question has to be why some previously serious newspapers thought it would be a good idea to endorse this guy (I know, they wanted to stick it to Trump, but it kind of undermines their credibility…). The Detroit News in particular, must be pretty embarrassed, after making a big deal of  not endorsing a Republican for the first time in over a century, the day before Johnson’s “Aleppo moment”.

Back in the – hah! – “serious” race, this is different from “some people are saying..” how, exactly..

But regardless of how comically grotesque the Trump campaign has been, it has certainly succeeded in altering the Overton Window by moving extremes to the mainstream.


Phew, something nice…

and in other heavenly bodies, the Rosetta deep space probe is due to crash into an asteroid in an explosive finale to its mission. Watch live here…



Standoffish? Brits? naaah… I sometimes wonder if stories like this are just made up to provide content for daytime talk shows.



The Ryder Cup gets under way this morning in Hazeltine, Minnesota. Danny Willett can probably thank his brother for not being part of the opening session.

One spectator stole the show during practice…


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