Trump still in race but doubts remain after bitter second debate

After the most eagerly-anticipated political debate for many years, expectations that Donald Trump’s apparently spiraling candidacy might finally, and spectacularly, implode did not come to pass. His performance may be enough to staunch the defections from his own party support, but there will still be questions – not least, will there be more revelations like we’ve seen in the past few days.

Oh, and one of the candidates threatened to put the other in jail. But you’ll have to read on to find out which one…


In another debate short on policy detail, the real winner was probably ABC’s moderator Martha Raddatz, who tried valiantly to press both candidates on specifics, particularly on their immediate solutions to the crisis in Syria. Unfortunately, few were forthcoming, with the candidates’ exchanges – after a genuinely tense opening 15 minutes, where literally anything might well have happened – devolving into a mishmash of prepared answers and dubious statistics.

Like the first debate, few minds were probably changed. Trump reinforced his base support but likely didn’t convert anyone beyond it.

The key question for Sec Clinton remains whether she was able to appeal to enough voters in the increasingly crucial down ballot races.


The rumors about Mike Pence’s position on the ticket, after being thrown under the bus by his running mate, got to many of us. And it’s still not resolved. By any stretch.

But then there was this..

Earlier during – and immediately after – the debate:

Dear God…

with perfect timing…


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