Trump says any Russian hack had ‘no effect’ on election outcome

Intelligence chiefs told President-Elect Trump that Russian President Vladimir Putin “aspired to help Donald Trump win the election” and ordered an “influence campaign” to undermine faith in the democratic process and “denigrate” Trump’s rival, Hillary Clinton.

After the briefing, while Trump appeared to accept the “possibility” of Russian hacking, he insisted there had been “no effect” on the election outcome.

Good thread on the background here…



Five people were killed in a shooting incident at Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida. The gunman is apparently in custody.

And perhaps predictably…

Northern Ireland’s First Minister attempted to relieve some of the pressure on her over the Renewable Heat Initiative. Did it work? I’ll leave that to you. But some sort of accommodation between the DUP and SF may be closer.

In Scotland, meanwhile..

and if that wasn’t scary enough..



And after their twitter spat over ratings…

(Almost) the last word…







That kind of year, really… Have a good weekend.




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