Northern Ireland election looms

An Assembly election is set to be the next step in Northern Ireland’s politics when the power-sharing executive collapsed on Monday after no agreement was found between the governing parties DUP and Sinn Fein by the 5pm deadline . The parties are already on an election footing and the date of the contest is expected to be called soon by Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire.

UPDATE: 5pm Monday

Follow the latest at the hashtag #AE17

UPDATE: 3.20pm Monday:

UPDATE 12noon Monday:

UPDATE 9.30am Monday:

and if that wasn’t bad enough this morning..


Meanwhile, there is likely to be a vote Monday on possible financial remedies over the  RHI scheme…

And possibly a vote of no confidence in the Assembly Speaker..



On Tuesday, meanwhile..

If we make it to Tuesday, that is..



and, er, an update on yesterday’s story..



This year’s WEF winter meeting in Davos kicks off on Tuesday. China’s Premier attends for the first time, but the Trump team won’t officially be there, saying it would “betray his populist-fueled movement.”




Monday is Martin Luther King Jr day. Sunday would have been his 88th birthday.



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