Lost in translation

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was the latest visitor to the “very famous” White House. Anything said will be forever remembered in the context of this…

It was like something from an episode of Endurance.

The presser was equally surreal.

Asked if Trump had worn an earpiece, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House deputy press secretary, said: “I don’t believe during that time. But he did see the text and they spoke quite extensively before the remarks.” Trump did put a small speaker to his right ear during the question and answer session.

On Saturday, Trump will host Abe and his wife at his luxury Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida. The two leaders are scheduled to play golf on Saturday. A White House official said Trump was paying for Abe and his wife to travel to Mar-a-Lago as a “gift” – sidestepping ethical concerns that his properties might profit from a foreign visitor.

And, my God, there was plenty to ask about, as the apparent meltdown continues..

and there it is…

They squeeze another day out of yesterday’s ‘distraction du jour’..

And all the while, the opposition is rallying…

Even columnist Andrew Sullivan has returned to the fray, perhaps unsure of exactly how many more weekly columns he’ll get.

All in all…






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