Trump ‘ready to walk away’ if GOP healthcare bill fails

As the measure faces a key vote on Friday, the President’s base – despite their tiresome vocal opposition to Obamacare during the campaign – seems happy enough for him to leave the Affordable Care Act intact, now that they’ve seen the alternative. Bizarrely, the strategy could work for him, since he seems out of other options.

But at the same time, his base appears to be eroding, to add to the President’s other woes. For Republicans, it’s still unclear whether that support might  be capable of being reconstituted – let alone fall into line behind the GOP.

It’s a fascinating situation, and maybe the first real “you bought it, you own it” moment of the Trump Presidency.

How embarrassed must you be to send a tweet like this, assuming you are capable of shame…?

Meanwhile, on Russia…

And there was a big interview with the President in Time magazine, on his approach to truth..






Finally, in Derry today…

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