Syriza split sets up snap Greek election

Greeks will go to the polls next month after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras resigned and called a snap election amid division and likely split within his governing Syriza party over austerity measures and the country’s EU bailout agreement.



What a difference a day makes. After yesterday’s parody of politics, there was a press conference on Thursday full of grace, faith, humor and humility.

When the 90-year-old former President got up to leave after a 40-minute session where he answered as many questions as reporters wanted to ask, the assembled press corps broke into applause.

We’re going to leave aside the latest bombastic nonsense from the GOP side, even though the Hillary Clinton campaign made social media hay on the back of it,

but there was apparently more trouble for the Democratic front-runner, as the controversy over her private email server now seems to have pulled in her most senior adviser. Brendan Bordelon writes at National Review:

It was probably inevitable that the woman always at Hillary Clinton’s side would one day be sucked into the vortex of suspicion and scandal surrounding the Democratic presidential frontrunner. For top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, that day seems to have arrived. Though rumors of impropriety have swirled around Abedin for over two years, in the past two weeks they’ve snowballed into concrete allegations.

Last week, the State Department inspector general claimed that the trusted Clinton confidant owes the government nearly $10,000 for violating rules regarding vacation and sick leave. And in court on Monday, Hillary Clinton admitted Abedin had an e-mail account on the now-infamous private server run out of Clinton’s house while she was secretary of state, and that the account “was used at times for government business.” State Department investigators say they’ve now expanded a probe into Clinton’s use of private e-mail to include “top aides,” meaning Abedin is almost certainly under federal investigation for the possible exchange of unsecured, classified data.

All of which comes on a day when the “Draft Biden” groundswell, well, swelled just a little more…



North Korea declared a “quasi state of war” with the South after Seoul said the North had fired across the Demilitarized Zone – the first armed clash between the states for five years.

British and French officials agreed on new measures to bolster security around Calais and counter migrants’ attempts to enter Britain via the Channel Tunnel.

Three firefighters lost their lives as wildfires in Washington state worsened.

At Fort Benning in Georgia on Friday, the first two female soldiers to qualify as US Army Rangers will graduate.

Hurricane Danny became the first named Atlantic hurricane of the season.

Out in the Pacific, meanwhile, Super Typhoon Atsani is even larger.

Meanwhile, July was the hottest month ever recorded, and 2015 is on track to be the hottest year since records began in 1880.



The New York Daily News is no longer for sale, according to a memo to staff from the paper’s owner Mort Zuckerman.



One business that is apparently for sale is Sprout Pharmaceuticals – maker of the female libido pill – Addyi – which has been bought by Valeant for about $1bn.

There’s still plenty of fallout from the Ashley Madison hack. And plenty of questions about privacy, morality, hypocrisy and – crucially – illegality. The AP reports:

Hundreds of U.S. government employees — including some with sensitive jobs in the White House, Congress and law enforcement agencies — used Internet connections in their federal offices to access and pay membership fees to the cheating website Ashley Madison, The Associated Press has learned.


They included workers at more than two dozen Obama administration agencies, including the departments of State, Defense, Justice, Energy, Treasury, Transportation and Homeland Security. Others came from House or Senate computer networks.

The AP is not naming the government subscribers it found because they are not elected officials or accused of a crime.

But for every Duggar trying to get out in front of the story, there’s a desperately sad scenario like this…

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