US soldiers foil train terror attack

Two off-duty US servicemen and a British fellow-passenger prevented what could have been a terrible terror attack on a train traveling between Amsterdam and Paris, when they overpowered a man reportedly armed with an AK47 and other weapons.



Representatives of the Koreas are expected to meet at the Demilitarized Zone on Saturday as tensions remain high following an exchange of artillery fire earlier in the week.

As investigations and recriminations continue following the deadly explosions at the port of Taijin, Ben Chu writes at The Independent on China‘s “flawed corruption crusade” and how the catastrophe illustrates how the country really works.

Corruption is endemic. Officials the length and breadth of the country have used their position to extort money for personal profit. Corruption is very much a family business in China. Those in a position to steal often use family members to invest the proceeds on their behalf. And family members, in turn, often use their official connections to do further lucrative business deals.

The economy’s structure makes corruption easy. Every property and land development deal in recent years has presented an opportunity to skim. And lots of these deals have taken place because state-owned banks have been told to lend hundreds of billions of dollars to developers to keep the country’s growth rate up. The benchmark by which officials have been judged is GDP growth – not the quality of their investments. And certainly not the rigour of their accounting.

This weekend marks the ten-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.



US stocks fell sharply again on Friday, ending their worst week for four years.




Donald Trump held a rally at a football stadium in Mobile, Alabama – around 30,000 people showed up, the biggest crowd any candidate has yet drawn in the campaign.

If you missed it, here are the highlights.

(YouTube/Rikard CR)

MSNBC‘s Chris Hayes and his team did #TrumpCheckLive which was kind of like that 80s show “Pop-Up Video”. One of its inspired moments was when Trump asked the crowd “We’re being carried live on MSNBC. What do you think of MSNBC?”, drawing the predictable boos, the box popped up with “MSNBC loves Alabama”.

Meanwhile, Trump’s fellow GOP candidate Rand Paul faces a potentially decisive weekend in his home state of Kentucky as he tries to secure a rule change allowing him to run for both Senate and the Presidency.



Finally, there are few appropriate words to describe the brilliance of this. Have a marginally good-ish weekend.


(h/t Lola Gusman)

(Ah, but do they have one of these…?)



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