France honors ‘humble heroes’ of train terror attack

The men who foiled a potential terror attack on a train on Friday will be honored by President Francois Hollande at a the Presidential Palace in Paris on Monday. Three US citizens and one Briton will be awarded the Legion d’Honneur, the nation’s highest honor in recognition for their “exceptional courage.”

The Guardian reports that:

Briton Chris Norman helped US fellow passengers Spencer Stone, Anthony Sadler and Alek Skarlatos as they wrestled a suspected jihadi gunman to the ground after he opened fire on the train travelling from Amsterdam to Paris. Norman said he thought: “OK, I’m probably going to die anyway so let’s go.”

On Sunday, US Ambassador to France Jane Hartley held a press conference with the three Americans, who were reluctant to embrace the “hero” label.

For Sadler, “hiding or sitting back” was never going to accomplish anything.

“The gunman would have been successful if my friend Spencer had not gotten up. I want that lesson to be learned. In times of terror like that to please do something. Don’t just stand by and watch.”

Meanwhile, the political fallout from the incident continues across a nervy Europe and beyond.



Stock markets across Asia opened sharply lower on Monday, as anxiety persists about a slowdown in China.



ISIS militants are reported to have blown up an ancient temple near the Syrian town of Palmyra.

Talks between North and South Korea stretched into a third day, with little sign of a resolution, as tensions remain high.

Unrest in Beirut has been heightened as protests against the Lebanese government turned violent.

Investigations continue into the crash at an air show in southern England at the weekend, which police say killed at least 11 people.



With Hillary Clinton’s email woes continuing to affect her standing in polls, speculation that Vice President Joe Biden would enter the Democratic race intensified after he met with grassroots favorite Sen Elizabeth Warren, who has repeatedly said she would be sitting the contest out.



In a dramatic 100 meters final at the World Athletics Championships in Beijing, Usain Bolt – just – beat Justin Gatlin to the Gold.



Finally, following yesterday’s story that Ed Sheeran is to take a break from music and work in a charity shop, The Sun has an “exclusive” that boy band One Direction is apparently also planning to stop doing whatever it is they do. So there’s that.

Sun 1D(The Sun/Tomorrow’s Papers Today)



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