Malaysia’s PM defiant in face of protests

As Malaysia celebrates its Independence Day, Prime Minister Najib Razak has refused to resign and called for unity after a weekend of protests demanding he step down amid allegations of financial impropriety.



As Asian markets brace for another potentially difficult week, China announced it had punished a number of people for spreading “rumors” over recent events. Meanwhile, the FT reports that Beijing has apparently abandoned efforts to boost the stock market.

China’s leaders feel they mishandled the stock market rescue efforts by allowing too much information to become public, according to senior regulatory officials speaking at a meeting late on Thursday — an account of which has been seen by the Financial Times.

Instead, authorities are planning to sharpen their focus on investigating and punishing individuals and institutions they believe have taken advantage of the state bailout to make profits or have obstructed the government’s attempts to shore up the market.

European ministers will meet again in two weeks to address the continent’s unprecedented migration crisis.



You couldn’t make it up, I suppose. But given what passes for political reality these days, why not?



The Chicago Cubs’ Jake Arrieta pitched his first career-no-hitter as the Cubs beat the Dodgers in Los Angeles. It was the 14th no-no in franchise history and the win also leaves Arrieta as the leading pitcher in baseball this season, with 17 victories.

The US Open Tennis tournament starts on Monday in Flushing, New York. The women’s final match has sold out ahead of the mens’.



Two sad passings on Sunday, as we lost renowned neurologist Oliver Sacks and movie director Wes Craven.



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