Obama kicks off Alaska trip with climate change warning

President Obama is making his first trip to Alaska, aiming to focus attention on climate change. Reuters reports:

Obama told a meeting of foreign ministers in Alaska that the United States recognized it played a big part in raising the Earth’s temperatures and “embraces our responsibility” to help fix the problem. “This year, in Paris, must be the year that the world finally reaches an agreement to protect the one planet we’ve got while we still can,” Obama said, according to his prepared remarks.

Obama’s visit, which runs until Wednesday, kicked off with some concocted controversy over the name of Alaska’s – and the nation’s – tallest peak.

Somewhat hilariously,  that annoyed Ohioans, ostentatiously sticking up for their state’s former President, along with, well, pretty much everyone who doesn’t like the current President.

Jennifer Steinhauer writes at the New York Times:

There are also a lot of Americans, all due respect both to the 49th state and to the birthplace of Cincinnati chili, who find this and the debate over whether Denali means the “great one” or “high one” subjects of minimal importance and are far more concerned about the pope’s coming visit to the United States.

Yet, joking aside, there was some considerable criticism of the President’s climate focus for his trip right after his decision to allow Shell to resume drilling in the Arctic.



The State Department released another batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails on Monday night, saying that 150 of the 7,000 documents were designated as containing classified information. More details tomorrow, I’m sure.

Wait, what? Gefilte fish?

The latest candidate rankings by The Hill shows how Donald Trump has “utterly transformed the race.” Even though a new poll in Iowa shows him in a tie for the lead with Ben Carson, Trump’s favorability is increasing.

Oh and, yeah, because some people would like that…



Amid heightened tensions and violent demonstrations in Ukraine, US and Nato forces began military exercises – named Sea Breeze – alongside the Ukrainian navy.

Chinese stocks are off again at Tuesday’s open.



Tuesday is transfer deadline day in the English Premier League – the window having already shut in other European leagues – and it’s off to an interesting start. After Manchester City’s  signing of Kevin de Bruyne from Wolfsburg yesterday, the red half of the city has swung into action.. ish.

mailspport(Daily Mail/Tomorrow’s Papers Today)



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