C’est la vie?

Lets start with a little context today…

Not really news, though, is it? Been that way forever. It’s just more obvious. And insidious. And acute. And not ever likely to reverse.

Oh well, looks like it’ll all be over soon.

OK, moving on…



This isn’t good.

“Verbal ectoplasm” is the new “bollocks”, apparently.

It’s still conference season. Today it’s the SNP

Meanwhile, in the virtual reality that is American politics, some actual virtual reality.

Perhaps unsurprisingly…

but likely not related



That must be pretty much all of them by now…





The BBC has a detailed interactive special on the price of football. 

There is no price too high, though, for this piece of marketing genius…

In other sports, wait, not sports news..

Fantasy games are facing an FBI investigation.




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