EU wrestles with a refugee crisis that shows no sign of ending

Hungary sealed its border with Croatia overnight in an effort to curb the numbers of people headed for western Europe.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to travel to Turkey to seek help in managing the continent’s refugee crisis. Bloomberg reports:

Under fire at home for her open-armed stance toward refugees, Merkel is looking abroad to Turkey for help in resolving the crisis. For the European Union’s pivotal leader, that means engaging with the president of 77 million Turks, a man long criticized by the EU as using autocratic methods to squelch dissent and accumulate power.

“There is obvious concern that turning up in Istanbul in the dead heat of an election will be perceived to be an endorsement of Erdogan,” Mujtaba Rahman, head of the Europe practice at Eurasia Group in London, said in an interview. Still, “I don’t think the EU leaders have any other choice but to deal with Turkey.”

But getting a deal might not be as easy as Merkel might think.



Turkey shot down a drone it said was over its airspace, as fighting for the Syrian city of Aleppo intensified.

In the western Pacific, people in the Philippines are braced for the arrival of Typhoon Koppu and potentially devastating rains over the weekend and into Monday.

US Secretary of State John Kerry is urging calm in the mideast as violence continues, with a total of 40 people now having died in recent clashes between Israel and Palestinians. But Kerry’s comments on the situation angered some.

Elsewhere in Republican politics,

Meanwhile, as VP Joe Biden prepares to announce, well, something…

all isn’t sweetness and light in Democratic camp,

but Bernie Sanders’ Presidential campaign is now 100 per cent cuter via what can only be hoped is a short-lived hashtag.



A further blow to the UK steel industry is expected in the next few days

Uber scored a victory in a British court…

while Apple lost in a US one…



Ken Taylor, the Canadian diplomat portrayed in the movie ‘Argo’ as the savior of a number of US hostages in Iran during the 1979 crisis, died aged 81.



Fresh problems for Fifa and its suspended President Sepp Blatter amid an investigation of claims over Germany’s award of the 2006 finals, following reporting by Der Spiegel.

In baseball, the New York Mets host the Chicago  Cubs on Saturday night in Game One of the NLDS.

This weekend sees the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup and it’s getting increasingly hard to see past an AUS-NZ final…




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