Paris firefight targets alleged terrorist

An intense and lengthy firefight in the northern Paris suburb of Saint-Denis early on Wednesday caused an as yet unconfirmed number of deaths and injuries. It was reported that a woman detonated an explosive belt as police closed in on an apartment where Abdelamid Abaaoud, the alleged ringleader of last week’s attacks, was thought to be hiding. There were also reports of a number of arrests at the scene. No civilians were understood to have been hurt.



As the US backlash against Syrian refugees appears to intensify, a clearly frustrated and angry President Obama spoke out.

For some, the issue has become simply part of the circus.

Not all, er, Republicans are the same, however…

Meanwhile, as the first Syrian refugees arrive in Britain…


SPORTStimes(The Times/Tomorrow’s Papers Today)

(Interestingly, it’s worth noting the juxtaposition of that lower story on The Times’ poll on British attitudes to refugees.)

England and France met at Wembley last night in an emotional friendly match. England won 2-0, but the outcome was much less important than the message it sent.

Elsewhere, the game between Germany and Holland in Hannover was called off after authorities received warnings of a possible bomb attack on the stadium.


Finally, All Black star Jonah Lomu, modern rugby’s first global superstar, died aged 40.


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