Britain warns on cyber-attacks

Chancellor George Osborne will warn today of the need for greater cyber-security in the fight against ISIS and that spending will be doubled. Maybe he didn’t read that Anonymous are already on the case…

And Prime Minister David Cameron said that more security personnel were being recruited to respond to a heightened threat.

express.jpg(Daily Express/Tomorrow’s Papers Today)

Meanwhile, In Paris…

IntNYT.jpg(International NYT/Tomorrow’s Papers Today)



Russia confirmed this morning that investigators had found that the crash of the airliner in Egypt was caused by a bomb.

President Putin announced a reward of $50m for information on the attack.

And events in Paris are affecting the political landscape everywhere…








Congratulations to baseball’s brightest young stars.

Finally, tonight sees the highly significant football friendly between England and France at Wembley. The result, obviously, will be of much less significance than the message the game sends.

star.jpg(Daily Star/Tomorrow’s Papers Today)

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