Cameron to make case for Syria air strikes

Prime Minister David Cameron is to lay out his case to parliament today for British participation in air strikes on ISIS positions inside Syria. He maintains his plan would be “unlikely to lead to civilian casualties” but many MPs remain sceptical.

If the strategy gets put to a vote in the House, it is expected within weeks.

Meanwhile, last night the French National Assembly voted overwhelmingly to continue that country’s current air campaign, while German Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged support. President Obama said that the number of US airstrikes against ISIS has now exceeded 8,000.

Relations between Russia and Turkey continue to be tense, following this week’s downing of a Russian jet on the Turkish border with Syria.

French PM Francois Hollande is in Moscow today for talks with President Putin.



Pope Francis is in Africa – his first official visit to the continent – but before he left had some strong words on what passes for the idea of “normality”:



At yesterday’s Autumn Financial Statement, Chancellor George Osborne pulled off something of a balancing act in plans for government spending over coming years.

osbornefronts(Tomorrow’s Papers Today)

While there was one moment of cringe worthiness in the Opposition response…

Something of an expensive 24 hours for Barclays…



And on the most American of all holidays…


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