Resilient Paris prepares for key climate conference

World leaders will begin gathering in Paris this weekend for the long-anticipated UN conference on climate change, which begins on Monday amid obvious security anxieties and a warning on the environment from the Pope.



Meanwhile, France is to hold a national remembrance service for the victims of the terror attacks two weeks ago today.

In Moscow, French President Francois Hollande and Russia’s Vladimir Putin agreed on closer co-operation in the fight against ISIS.

But there are continuing uncertainties in the wake of the downing of the Russian jet this week.

In Britain, meanwhile, the political divide over potential expansion of Britain’s role in Syria is being played out as you might expect, with opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn apparently braced for resignations from his shadow cabinet.





Black Friday is under way. Who cares?





World athletics boss Lord Coe quit his role as a paid ambassador for Nike.

The Davis Cup final gets under way today in Belgium.


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