In valedictory address, Obama counters campaign rhetoric

President Obama began his “long goodbye” from office when he delivered his final State of the Union address to Congress.

It seemed to go down well..

With just nineteen days until Iowa hosts the first nominating contest in the race to succeed him, the President appeared at times to be directly responding to some of the more inflammatory rhetoric from the campaign trail..

outlined the challenges that remain..

and, yet again, appealed to our better nature as citizens to rescue a broken civic discourse.

Many responses were pretty much as you’d expect.

at least the “official” GOP response seemed to be more measured

In the end, although the attacks were intense, the fond images of a departing leader were many.



What looked like it might be a potential diplomatic incident with Iran was apparently resolved overnight.

Meanwhile out in Oregon the stand-offers – who at the weekend issued an updated “wishlist” – appear to be having their tails tweaked…



Anyone who’s ever edited, or been edited, will probably enjoy this..



This honestly sounds like a great idea, and kudos to the Hatters for doing it, but maybe they need a broader sense of who “over-50’s” really are? Or maybe people just age quicker in Luton.


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