Oscar noms out, but by Grabthar’s hammer, who cares?

Here’s your Oscar nominations, FWIW..



Several people were killed and many injured during a gun battle on the streets of the Indonesian capital Jakarta. Several explosions were also heard.

In the US, as Republican candidates prepare for another televised debate on Fox Business this evening, the spotlight is on Ted Cruz following an undisclosed campaign loan and pressure over his apparently “uncertain” national status.

Rand Paul is desperate to be on the main stage, having previously said he wouldn’t take part in another “undercard” debate.

Meanwhile, the lure of “big tooth” proved too strong for one former candidate…

There are – so far – three winners in the big Powerball draw.


And there’s the first hurricane in January since the Eisenhower administration, so there’s that…



Al Jazeera America is shuttering.

On this side of the Atlantic…





Robot Wars is set to return.

oh, and this too, apparently…



WADA’s follow-up report on doping in world athletics is released today.



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