‘Dark day’ for UN in Syria as ceasefire breaks down

What was left of a fragile ceasefire in Syria appears to have disintegrated following an attack on a UN aid convoy and the subsequent suspension of efforts to get aid into besieged areas around Aleppo.

The incident comes after diplomatic clashes and traded accusations of blame between Russia and the US following a coalition airstrike which killed more than 60 Syrian troops.

Yet even if the ceasefire had held without incident – not really ever a practical expectation – the situation on the ground looks as intractable as ever, while humanitarian conditions remain dire for those in the affected cities.



In the US, an increasing number of people are asking how the shooting death of an unarmed black man in Oklahoma was able to happen while the New York bomb suspect, who fired at police, was taken alive.

Meanwhile on the campaign trail, there are fewer than 50 days to go and we’re talking about … Skittles.

Meanwhile in Britain…





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