Amid mourning, debate over next steps in fight against terror

Amid the grief and anger following Friday night’s attacks in Paris, the manhunt continued for additional terrorists as victims and perpetrators alike began to be identified. The situation remains tense across many European capitals.

Meanwhile, French jets launched airstrikes on IS strongholds in the Syrian city of Raqqa.

This “war” will have many fronts.

As the world wrestled with what happens next, the outpouring of sympathy and respect for the city of Paris and the people of France was heartfelt and inspiring.



Or perhaps not..

At the G20 meeting in Turkey, Presidents Obama and Putin met on the sidelines to discuss events in Paris and the situation in Syria.

Talks aimed at rejuvenating the Northern Ireland Assembly resume on Monday, with expectations that an agreement might be close.

One of the parties in attendance, the SDLP, elected a new leader at the weekend in a potentially significant generational shift.







Saturday Night Live paid tribute to the Paris victims,

and John Oliver:

And, after U2 cancelled two shows in Paris over the weekend, here’s an even better alternative…



As did the New York Rangers.

Tuesday’s soccer friendly between England and France will go ahead at Wembley Stadium.

Holly Holm defeated Ronda Rousey, dealing the UFC champ her first defeat and – of course – setting up a lucrative re-match.

In cricket,

Baseball’s Rookie of the Year awards are made today.

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