Goodbye to The Greatest

There were to be two thanksgiving services on Friday. One, in Louisville, Kentucky, will be filled with emotion, grief, popular gratitude and a true celebration of a remarkable life’s accomplishments.

The other, at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, saw a gathering of Britain’s entitled elite congratulate itself with pomp and pretention as it marked the first-ever British monarch to live to 90.

Other stuff is kicking off too, some of it also involving hats, and balls.

To be fair, though, it was reported that the clashes had been sparked by local “ultras”.

And in the day’s other Queen news…

Finally, what really keeps Britain great? That’s right, Birds..


End game

Update 5.40pm London: 


Earlier: A confusing and potentially messy end to the Democratic primary phase could become clearer today.

The conversation, the fifth that Mr. Obama will have had with Mr. Sanders since the primaries began, is to be part of a choreographed series of moves Mr. Obama set in motion this week that are designed to quickly bridge the divide between the two Democratic presidential candidates laid bare in the last few months. The strategy will culminate with the president’s formal endorsement of Mrs. Clinton in the coming days, followed by an appearance with her on the campaign trail soon after.

Bernie has promised to “fight on” – whatever that means – until the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia at the end of July, but is unlikely to admit defeat until the final primary next Tuesday.

In the meantime, though, he can expect more of this…


And in voting matters elsewhere..


Clinton celebrates ‘historic moment’ – But Sanders fights on

With her celebration at apparently clinching the Democratic nomination somewhat pre-empted by the AP last night, Hillary Clinton and her campaign team are determined to party Tuesday night at the Brooklyn Navy Yard after primary contests in California, New Jersey and four other states.

Follow results here:

Classy by the Post..

But, hey, er…. Ok, another day, right?

Well, unless Bernie was to win in California, where he outspent her by about $800k, right..?


As so often has been the case, though, Clinton’s likely Republican opponent finds a way to dominate the news cycle.

When he took to the podium to acknowledge his victory in the Republican New Jersey primary, Donald Trump gave a heavily-scripted campaign speech indicating a pivot to the general campaign, and said he would be making a speech “probably on Monday” outlining his attack lines against Clinton.

so, er, yeah..

But no matter how bad Trump’s press might be tonight, at least he’s not Noel Edmonds…





Clinton ‘has delegates to clinch Democratic nomination’

1.30 am London: Hillary Clinton is reported to have secured the required number of delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination, becoming the first woman to head a Presidential ticket for a major US political party.

The report, initially by the Associated Press, comes as voters in California, New Jersey and four other states are preparing to vote in party primaries on Tuesday. The AP writes:

Clinton, the former secretary of state, New York senator and first lady, reached the 2,383 delegates needed to become the presumptive Democratic nominee on Monday with a decisive weekend victory in Puerto Rico and a burst of last-minute support from superdelegates. Those are party officials and officeholders, many of them eager to wrap up the primary amid preference polls showing her in a tightening race with presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

For context..


Euro terror threat ‘foiled’

With the Euro 2016 football tournament set to kick off on Friday, a man was arrested in Ukraine on suspicion of plotting multiple terrorist attacks on infrastructure targets inside France.

Stories like this one aren’t really helping…



Voters in California, New Jersey and several other states are preparing for primaries on Tuesday, with Hillary Clinton hoping to move closer to clinching the Democratic nomination.




Finally, for some context today;


Muhammad Ali, true twentieth-century icon, dead at 74

RIP, The Greatest.




Clinton, Trump trade blows as Ryan endorses

After Hillary Clinton came out swinging and attacked Donald Trump’s foreign policy experience and fitness to hold the nation’s highest office, the presumptive GOP nominee hit back at a rally Thursday night in San Jose, California. He also reiterated his determination to build a border wall and ramped up his attacks on the judge in the Trump University case.

Trump in turn called Hillary’s speech “pathetic” and “phony” and attacked her over the email issue.

But there were also – perhaps predictably by now – some ugly scenes around the rally venue.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Paul Ryan chose Thursday to finally endorse Trump.



A week ahead of the opening of the Euro 2016 tournament, Paris is beset by flooding and industrial unrest, while the head of Europol has warned of a heightened security threat to the event.









Well, there you are..

Finally, best wishes for a speedy recovery…

NY AG says Trump U was ‘straight up fraud’

Some bumps in the Trump road today as the RNC’s head of Hispanic outreach walks away, while the legal furore over Trump University ramps up still further. But while many of his supporters might not care, maybe the one he’ll be most upset over – the PGA is moving a tournament from Trump’s Doral resort to Mexico.

But it seems there are still some endorsements that can do more harm than good..

Likewise, on the other side, with friends like these..

Meanwhile, just as Trump and Hillary Clinton would apparently be the most disliked nominees in history, a new poll shows they’re also pretty much not believed…



After yesterday’s travel warning,

And, in a potentially electrifying story..





Always happy to see a new print venture have a go…

but maybe it’s a bit close to this?

But for those of us left pondering the future of journalism while waiting for the right thing to come along, there’s this…

Seriously, though, it’s a short step from food to pictures (of food)…



Golden State and Cleveland reprise last year’s contest and go at again in Game 1 of the NBA finals tonight.



Thirty years ago today, C-Span first broadcast the Senate live…

Finally, this is very cool indeed, both in the reading and the presentation…


Warning over summer travel to Europe

US citizens are being warned about traveling to Europe this summer amid apparently heightened fears of terrorist activity. The State Department alert extends through August 31st and covers the period of the Euro 2016 football finals in France as well as a number of music festivals.

Meanwhile, new London Mayor Siddiq Khan has reportedly ordered an “urgent” review of the capital’s preparedness for a terror attack.



There are to be fresh inquests into the deaths of 21 people in the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings.

In New Jersey…