Clinton accepts Dem nomination

‘Don’t boo, vote’ – Obama rips Trump, passes the baton to Clinton



Dems make history as Clinton is nominated

Hillary Clinton became the first woman to be nominated as a Presidential candidate by a major party at the Democratic convention on Tuesday night. After her defeated primary opponent Sen Bernie Sanders sealed the nomination, former President Bill Clinton – in his tenth speech to a convention – was among the night’s speakers making the case for his wife’s election.

There was genuine emotion when Bernie Sanders’ brother, speaking as part of the Democrats Abroad delegation, praised their parents..

One of the most moving moments of the week so far came when the Mothers of the Movement appeared on-stage.




France is again reeling after an act of religious-inspired violence, this time the murder of a priest in Rouen. The Vatican called the attack “barbaric”.



Sanders, FLOTUS help Dems move closer together

On a day that began in chaos and protest, and ended with tears on the convention floor as Bernie Sanders pledged to work to elect Hillary Clinton in November, a frequently raucous and bad-tempered mood was turned brilliantly by First Lady Michelle Obama.


Dems in disarray as convention opens

After the Republican convention in Cleveland, you could be forgiven for thinking that all the Democrats have to do this week in Philadelphia is demonstrate a basic level of competence. That’s going well, then…

Motive unclear in Munich shooting

An as-yet unidentified gunman killed nine people and injured several others in a shooting attack in downtown Munich. The situation was initially confused and chaotic, with the area remaining on lockdown for several hours.



Hillary Clinton named Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her Vice-Presidential running mate.


Republican Convention, Day 4

Reaction to Donald Trump’s acceptance speech last night was as mixed as you might expect.



England have a new manager.

No, they’re saying “Cruuuuuz..”

Republican Convention, Day 3


Trump seals GOP nomination

Republican Convention, Day 2

A bit of a bounce-back after last night, but still more than enough wackiness to go around.



Really, you were expecting anything different..?

Republican Convention, Day 1



Political theatre ahead of crucial vote on Trident

The British parliament is set to vote on Monday on whether or not to renew the £200-billion Trident nuclear “deterrent” program. Unsurprisingly in the current chaotic climate, the controversial issue has become something of a partisan political football.



Another tragic shooting incident in the US, as three police officers were killed by a gunman in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

And the Baton Rouge incident happened as the Republican party prepared for the opening of its convention in Cleveland, with presumptive nominee Donald Trump portraying himself as the “law and order” candidate, an echo of the 1968 nomination of Richard Nixon against a background of social unrest and the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr and Robert Kennedy.

The convention, which has as its opening day theme, “Make America Safe Again” was always likely to see dissent and possible confrontation, even without the added complication of Ohio being a so-called “open carry” state.

Trump’s awkward roll-out of his Vice-Presidential pick Gov Mike Pence continued on Sunday night with a joint appearance on ’60 Minutes’ which seemed to highlight some key divisions between them.

But at least they eventually got the logo right…

Elsewhere… really? You don’t say…