Coastal cities may be ‘unsavable’

We all knew we were probably screwed. And we all knew it was going to be our fault. We just didn’t think it might happen so quickly.

As Tina Nguyen writes at Vanity Fair:

A new study published in Nature indicates that the West Antarctic ice sheet is falling apart at a rate faster than expected. A slow-moving environmental catastrophe that was once predicted to take thousands of years may now occur within decades, according to the new projections. And that forecast is based on just the one ice sheet melting. Add in the sea level rise from other regions experiencing melting glaciers, and the Earth is looking at as much as five or six feet of higher oceans, the researchers said. After 2100, the sea could rise at a rate of one foot per decade by the middle of the 22nd century, drowning dozens of major cities—New York, Miami, New Orleans, London, and Shanghai, included—as well as virtually every coastline around the world.



At least twenty people were killed and around a hundred hurt, with many understood to be still trapped among the wreckage, after a flyover apparently under construction collapsed in the Indian city of Kolkata. Rescuers are working through the night to recover the injured.

In the US, Donald Trump met with leaders of the Republican National Committee.

The latest projections by Prof Larry Sabato show a convincing victory for the Democrats if Hillary Clinton and Trump are their party’s nominees.

But still..

And really, could any media-related April’s Fools pranks this year be any less credible than real life…? Oh, wait…





England will play the West Indies in Sunday’s T20 World Cup final after the Windies stunned hosts India in a thrilling semi-final. The victory set up a double for the West Indies, whose women will play Australia in their own final.



World-renowned architect Zaha Hadid died, aged 65.

And finally, it’s goodnight from him.





Trump tries to walk back comments after abortion storm

Republican front-runner Donald Trump – amid falling poll ratings ahead of next week’s Wisconsin primary – rapidly walked back a statement that women who had abortions should face some kind of “punishment.


Blow for workers at Welsh steel plant

Developing: 10pm London: There are fears tonight for thousands of jobs at the Port Talbot steelworks in Wales and in the surrounding area after Indian owners Tata ruled out a rescue package and cash injection for the plant, which is losing an estimated million pounds each day.

There was speculation that the British government could step in and nationalise the plant, but its future seems likely to remain in doubt for the immediate future.

BBC Analysis: Britain’s steel industry – what’s gone wrong?

The Times got the story on their front…


Earlier: Officials try to laugh off hijacking; passengers beg to differ

An apparently armed man hijacked an Egyptair Airbus and forced it to land at Larnaca Airport in Cyprus. He subsequently surrendered after releasing the passengers and crew.

The suspected hijacker was said to want a letter delivered to his ex-wife. The Egyptian Foreign Ministry said: “He is not a terrorist, he’s an idiot.”

As more details about his motive appeared to emerge, hilarity – eventually – ensued. So that’s, er, all right then…?



Donald Trump’s campaign manager was charged with battery after allegedly grabbing a reporter at an event in Florida earlier this month. The candidate said that Corey Lewandowski was innocent.

Trump himself is set to appear on a GOP Town Hall tonight on CNN.




It’s Not Only Rock n’ Roll

Upwards of half a million people are expected to attend the Rolling Stones’ free concert Friday night in Havana. It’s the first time the band has played in Cuba and their trip is as significant from a diplomatic and cultural perspective as it is from a purely entertainment standpoint.

The hashtag to follow is #StonesCuba




Finally. Too, too much last night.

The Cruyff Turn

Today is my birthday and it feels like a part of my youth has gone.

There is too much real crap in the world. So, today, this is the only thing that is important.



Brussels manhunt continues

A third suspect in yesterday’s Brussels bombings is still at large despite conflicting reports this morning that he had been captured. Two other men, reportedly brothers, shown in this widely-circulated photograph from Zaventem Airport are understood to have blown themselves up in the attack.



In the latest round of US presidential primaries last night – the so-called “Western Tuesday” – the states were split among the main contenders, but front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton each gathered more delegates as their respective conventions get closer.

And after being told he won’t be able to call in to the US political shows any more, Trump went on air with a chum..

Meanwhile, of course…





Thirty killed in Brussels explosions on ‘black day for Belgium’

Thirty people were killed and scores injured in a series of bomb attacks on a Metro train and at the capital’s Zaventem airport.


9am LONDON: Developing: Two explosions happened this morning at a Brussels metro station near the EU headquarters and at the Belgian capital’s Zaventem airport. Details of casualties are still uncertain and the city has been effectively locked down.

The BBC reported that the airport explosion was a suicide attack.


It’s the tenth anniversary of the first Tweet and a decade later, there’s plenty to reflect on in terms of its impact on culture and how we think about the distribution of news.


Cuba prepares for Obama visit

President Obama begins his three-day visit to Cuba on Sunday. Apart from further moves to normalize relations between the US and Havana, it’s going to be a big week on the island, with an exhibition baseball game and rounding off on Good Friday with a Rolling Stones concert.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, not everyone’s happy about the President’s trip.

One issue sure to be on Monday’s agenda between Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro is the future of the US military installation at Guantanamo Bay.


Many killed in Russian air crash