One week on – chaos, vitriol, recrimination. Welcome to Britain. And you’re welcome to it.

Since the vote to leave the EU, the media appears to have been doing little than speculating how not to have to.

British politics, on both sides, is in meltdown.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, it all got worse – for both parties.



Cameron to step down after Britain votes to leave EU; turbulence hits markets

Update: 8.30am: Britain will have a new Prime Minister “by October” after David Cameron announced he would step down in the wake of yesterday’s referendum vote.

Earlier: Prime Minister David Cameron’s wholly unnecessary gamble with the future of the nation blew up in his face as the “Leave” campaign won Thursday’s referendum 52% – 48% to reverse the decision Britain took in 1975 to join the Common Market.




Decision Day


or not..

In any case, these bhoys are staying in – for a while anyway…

Trump campaign hits money hurdle

For someone who’s “self-financing” a presidential campaign, there seems to be a few gaps where it matters, according to the latest FEC filings…



In the realm of the Brexiteers…



But lets be honest, what’s the only story you care about tonight?


Parliament recalled as EU campaign enters final week

With the last week of campaigning under way ahead of Thursday’s EU referendum, the mood is obviously subdued following the murder of Jo Cox, with some MPs planning to break with tradition and sit across the benches when Parliament is recalled today for the House to pay tribute to their slain colleague.

Generally, sentiment appears to be shifting back towards the “Remain” camp, although a significant proportion of potential voters are reportedly still undecided.



Today is World Refugee Day.

and it’s the first day of summer…







Enlgand and Wales play their final group games in the Euros tonight, with the qualifying order of the group still in doubt.

Dustin Johnson won the US Open golf tournament after a controversial rules decision cost him a shot and was widely criticized by other players.

And finally – but, it seems, worth waiting for, judging by the tweets of the locals – the Cleveland Cavaliers won their first NBA Championship, exacting seventh-game revenge over defending champs the Golden State Warriors.



Police probe motive for brazen daylight murder of beloved MP


Obama seeks unity in wake of Orlando

President Obama and Vice-President Biden head to Orlando on Thursday, in a show of support for the local LGBT community and the families of those affected by the weekend’s attack on The Pulse nightclub. In Washington, and on the Presidential campaign trail, however, there continues to be little sign of unity or conciliation.



Big day at the Euros, with all three home nations playing, and – for now – all still potentially competitive. Only one of them, mind you, is under threat of expulsion because of their fans.