Erdogan says Turkey coup attempt ‘has failed’; vows plotters will ‘pay heavy price’

An apparent attempted military coup in Turkey took the diplomatic world completely by surprise overnight on Friday. More than two hundred people were reported killed and over a thousand detained. The situation was fluid and confusing for several hours after elements of the Turkish military took to the streets and claimed to have taken control of the government. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was not in the capital Ankara at the time, appeared on television via FaceTime and urged his supporters to resist the coup attempt. He later vowed a crackdown and said the plotters would ‘pay a heavy price.’



Presumptive GOP Presidential nominee Donald Trump will officially introduce Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his running mate on Saturday morning. The initial announcement was swamped in confusion amid apparent leaks, second thoughts and then the tragic events in Nice.

Meanwhile, preparations continue for the opening of the GOP convention in Cleveland on Monday.

In the aftermath of Thursday’s horror attack in Nice, and the apparent claim of responsibility by ISIS, investigations are ongoing and arrests are being made. For those affected, however, the mourning will continue forever.



Bastille Day massacre in Nice




May’s reshuffle sweeps out Cameron’s cabinet

A busy day for the new PM, as she clears out her predecessor’s top team.

And the fallout from yesterday continues…



With the Republican convention opening in Cleveland on Monday, presumptive nominee Donald Trump appears set to name Indiana Gov Mike Pence as his Vice-Presidential running mate, some media outlets are reporting.

Then again, there is a sizable number of people who don’t care who it is, as long as CNN never uses the  “VPPrentice” tag again.

Finally, Happy Bastille Day..

Cameron leaves Downing Street for final time as PM; May takes over; Johnson named Foreign Secretary (yes, that’s right…)


It appears new British Prime Minister Theresa May has what Oxbridge dons might call a “devilish sense of humor” and what people who aren’t Oxbridge dons might call some kind of global ridicule wish-fulfillment syndrome. She may want to keep her enemies close, she may want a circus distraction from the serious business of Brexit or maybe she just thinks the nation can’t really sink any lower.

But wait a sec..


David Cameron is on his way for a final meeting as Prime Minister with the Queen – this time to formally submit his resignation – after which his successor, Theresa May, is set to take over the office.

Earlier,  Cameron appeared at his final Prime Minister’s Questions.


Wednesday is set to be David Cameron’s last day as British Prime Minister.

Two Presidents set to join mourning in Dallas

President Obama will be joined by Vice-President Biden and former President George W Bush in Dallas on Tuesday to console the families of the police officers killed in the sniper attack last Thursday night.

Follow coverage at the Dallas Morning News here



Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are finally set to appear together at a rally in New Hampshire.

Meanwhile on the GOP side, the likely confusion surrounding the binding of delegates at the convention in Cleveland next week took another turn.

And there’s yet more “post-factuality”…

And in the Senate races, a familiar face is back.. (too bad, other guy who now has to drop out..)

Elsewhere in the world…

But of course we should never forget the really important stuff…




And as for TV itself…

And “when to stop” is usually just before that last thing you did, whatever that was…



Oh yeah, it’s that day. Whatever.



The 2016 MLB All-Star Game takes place Tuesday night in San Diego.

(Follow my former colleague Peter Chapman as he tweets the 1966 World Cup as it happened… and read his new book Out of Time, about the end of “old-fashioned” Britain.)

And finally…

May poised for Number 10 as final Brexiteer Leadsom quits

As if Britain’s already confused politics couldn’t get any more chaotic, the contest to succeed David Cameron as leader of the Conservative Party and – at least theoretically for now – as Prime Minister took a further dramatic twist on Monday as Andrea Leadsom, the last remaining advocate of a pro-leave position in the leadership contest, withdrew. The BBC reported that a handover of power could come “within days”.



But, err, not so fast…


Earlier: Many arrests during Baton Rouge protests

Tensions remain high after protests in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, over last week’s shooting of local man Alton Sterling, as well as the death of Philando Castile in Minnesota at the hands of police officers.

One image captured the tension dramatically.

And there were more protests elsewhere across the country over the weekend.

Meanwhile, in the wake of the deadly sniper attack on police officers on Thursday night, Dallas is preparing for a visit on Tuesday by President Obama.



The richest deal in institutional sports looks set to be announced on Monday, according to multiple sources.



Britain’s Chancellor George Osborne kicks off a “reassurance” tour of global financial centers, telling investors and financial partners in New York that Britain – with a newly suppressed currency post-Brexit – is a viable option going forward, despite continuing political uncertainty.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was strengthened by election results over the weekend.







Dallas police officers murdered in sniper attack

Ongoing: Five police officers have been killed and several injured after a shooting incident at a protest march in downtown Dallas on Thursday night. It was unclear how many civilians had also been hurt. More than one shooter was understood to be involved in what was apparently a co-ordinated attack. As yet, there is no indication of who the shooters might be or any motive.

Here come Friday’s papers…


Anger grows after two more fatal police shootings

Anger and protests are growing after two remarkable pieces of video showing the shooting deaths of two black men at the hands of police officers again shone a spotlight on the behavior and training of law enforcement.

The death of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisana is being investigated by the Department of Justice.

Later, a dramatic Facebook live video emerged, seemingly filmed by the girlfriend of a man in Minnesota who was allegedly shot by police following a traffic stop.



FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch will testify to Congress on Thursday about the process that led to a recommendation of no charges against Hillary Clinton in the email server investigation.

Donald Trump will also meet with – some – Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill today.

In another free-form campaign speech last night in Cincinnati – the New York Times called it “defiant and angry” – the presumptive nominee again didn’t focus on the FBI probe, but addressed things like his remarks on Saddam Hussein and the “star” controversy.



Chilcot Iraq report damns Blair

The long-awaited report by Sir John Chilcot into the UK’s role in the 2003 invasion of Iraq  was published on Wednesday morning, delivering what The Guardian calls a “crushing verdict” on former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Among its findings, the stunning report says that Blair “undermined the UN Security Council,” “overplayed evidence” of a potential threat in the run-up to going to war and  “knew the invasion would make the UK less safe.”



For a second high-profile time during the current Presidential campaign, Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump appeared to miss an opportunity to capitalize on truly dramatic events.

Following his trip to Scotland on the day after Britain’s Brexit vote resulted in a surreal press conference that seemed to rank the momentous global economic development slightly lower than the refurbishment of a hotel suite at his golf course resort, Trump appeared unsure on Tuesday how to respond to the remarkable press conference by FBI Director James Comey, where he outlined serious shortcomings on the part of Trump’s expected rival Hillary Clinton, yet announced she would not face any charges in relation to her use of a private email server while Secretary of State.

By 5pm, though, as Larry O’Connor writes, a Facebook video by the campaign had taken a more direct approach.